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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vogue Italy's Talent Chiara Cola is on a Rise and Multifaceted in Digital Design


Photo Credit: Chiara Cola

In April 2013, Women For Action was awarded an interview with Vogue's New Talent, Chiara Cola. Following that, in August 2013, Chiara Cola was featured in Vogue Italy | Shopping in Vogue: Curiosity Foulards. Some of these new prints were also featured on the popular Diane Pernet's  blog, ASVOF.  

Apart from creating and producing the new series of prints “Imaginary landscapes | by day and by night”, in this last year it was released Chadi, (the city of the hugging memories) the project she created with FieldCandy Outstanding Tents, a limited edition tent, presented at Agenda Show in Long Beach, CA, U.S., in July 2013.

In July 2013, she was selected for the intensive workshop “Undressing the mythic body”, held by British set designer and art director David Curtis-Ring, at PSA festival in Pergine, Italy, where she created an experimental piece called “Punk kimono of light”, presented in a final group performance.

In March 2014, there was the release of “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, the new movie by Wes Anderson, in which, back in October 2012, she had the honor to collaborate with Italian costume designer and 3 Academy Awards winner Milena Canonero, doing color research and creating inspirational digital patterns for the costumes of Madame D, played by Tilda Swinton.

Some months ago, she worked again with costume designer Milena Canonero, for the upcoming movie “Last summer”, by Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli, starring the Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, an intense drama telling the story of a mum and her son.

Cola loved working on these projects with costume designer Milena Canonero and thinks of these like seminal experiences in which she had the chance to work in, an excitingly distinctive field and an opportunity to truly showcase the ingenuity of her work.

I am always looking for new and interesting collaborative projects and persistently searching for inspiration for my own designs,” says Chiara.

Adamantly since 2007, she has been passionate and devoted to all aspects of work, while exploring the complexities and versatility of media.

One could say that Chiara’s work can be introduced to a new age of science with an intent to intrigue and transmit both sentiment and craftsmanship to the person who enjoys it. 

A selection of the new prints is on sale online at TLC Sweden .

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