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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

About Our Partners

In June 2014, Women For Action established a partnership with Honor Diaries, a film and project that sheds light on women in the Middle East. The term honor refers to certain values in which women and girls are beholden to to uphold family and cultural traditions. The downside to honor is that it leads to come very tragic circumstances which ultimately could lead violence and death of women and girls for causing shame on their family and culture. Women For Action plans to extend its platform to Honor Diaries by shedding more light on the subject, interviewing key women and ultimately create awareness about honor traditions.


In May 2014, Women for Action established a partnership with the Human Rights Watch for their Chicago film festival which premiered key films, Sepideh and The Supreme Price. Both films are instrumental to women's empowerment and how the subjects battled traditions to obtain freedom of expression in opposing societies. Women For Action and the Humans Rights Watch considers this an ongoing partnership that will ultimately grow both audiences to expand viewership and activities.


In April 2013, Women For Action formed a partnership with Indieflix. Indiefix, a independent film platform which provides online streaming of thousands of films has played a significant role in providing award-winning subjects for Women For Action's interviews. Women For Action expanded its platform to promote Indieflix's launch. Together they have both played significant roles in championing the voices of subjects for democratization and for the sake of encouraging freedom of expression.


In December 2012, Women For Action publicly endorses the Chicago Global Council Immigration Task-force and has been officially designated as a member of their G500. "The creation of the G500 is a key component of the Task Force’s effort to present the Midwestern perspective for immigration reform to policymakers in Washington, D.C.  Together with the G500, the Task Force will create a strong network of Midwestern leaders committed to moving the immigration debate forward into action."