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Friday, October 10, 2014

This International Day of the Girl (October 11 2014), Women For Action sheds light on honor violence

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It’s systematic, institutionalized misogyny.”--Honor Diaries

Honor violence is a community supported form of terrorism against half a culture’s population, in order to reinforce the system of male power and privilege.”--The Price of Honor

In certain cultures, violence may be perceived as a normal and acceptable way to resolve conflict .”--UNICEF

Today we celebrate the International Day of the Girl, a day designated by United Nations General Assembly as a way of recognizing conditions facing girls around the world, in order to empower and educate communities about the importance of investing in girls. In developing societies, girls have less access to education, clean water, food, security and face major health risks. They are less valued and prioritized by their own families and communities. It is a patriarchal system that leaves girls subjugated and far more susceptible to violence. The mentality from this system reverberates in different parts of the world, as some of the cultural practices are reiterated in fully developed societies. 

In the western world, there is a growing epidemic of honor violence. Honor violence is often carried out as way of restoring honor, when an individual brings shame upon the family or community. It is primarily gender-biased, a vengeful act sought out when a woman or girl is perceived as unchaste and disobedient.

This sort of violence has to stop!

This International Day of the Girl, Women For Action sheds light on honor violence. It's happening almost everywhere.

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In honor of this day and the growing epidemic of honor violence, check out feature article , “Honor Construed”.

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All girls deserve a chance to have a future!